Yogi In Beirut

Hala Okeili is the founder of Sarvam Yoga, Lebanon’s leading yoga studio & registered yoga school, with over 100 practitioners a day.

Okeili gave up an 8 year legal career to teach and spread Yoga. She got her training in India and she continues to study in KPJAYI Mysore, with her teacher Sharath Jois. Featured in the Telegraph as Beirut’s yoga ambassador, Mondanite, Yogalife, MBC & MTV. Among her many accomplishments, Hala currently teaches a weekly segment on Lebanese national television, MTV. She teaches the YPO India, the world’s biggest business leaders’ organization. In addition, she is part of Team Puma Middle East, she travels and teaches with them. Hala’s classes are challenging, dynamic, playful and energizing while observing all limbs of yoga. She aims to spread the Light and Love of yoga to as many people as possible!