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Pulse is a female-centric fitness studio powered by Jeddah's renowned top trainers, as well as a unique social community experience. In everything we do, we are devoted to the power of "US". Communities are made up of groups of people congregating in the same place, having common characteristics, and practicing common ownership. The ethos of ‘Community’ is the essence of PULSE.

Our mission is to empower all kinds of women from prenatal to advanced as well as children in all aspects of their lives, in physical fitness, wellness and beyond.

PULSE provides a friendly environment where you can relax, eat healthy, workout, enjoy good music and take classes at your own pace.

You aren't locked to one trainer or a single experience. Whenever you visit, every trainer will help you not only work your body, but also understand your body.  At PULSE, the focus isn't just on the activity, but mainly about the unique experience.

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